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Stuck In a Rut with your Workout Routine?

So, although I usually stick to yoga, I sometimes feel I’m not getting the results I’m seeking fast enough. This antsy feeling always leads me to the net in search of other workouts. I have been checking out several fitness gurus like, Anna VictoriaMy Sweat Life- Kelsey Wells  and Karina Elle.

All three of these women have achieved great results with their workout and nutrition which is exactly what I’m looking for. And, after much deliberation I’ve decided to try Karina’s program. The FREE, 15-day-challenge starts today, January 2nd. I’m looking forward to seeing if any changes occur within the next 15 days—either physically or mentally. After all, being in the right state of mind is a must when it comes to working out. I’ve learned that if the mind is not there, then you won’t even show up. If after the 15 days I feel good and I see some, even a tiny bit of progress, then I will probably continue the program so that I can achieve my ultimate fitness goals.

Once the challenge is over I will give you a progress report, from pounds to inches lost, to the degree of difficulty for the workouts. Plus, the nutrition—the good, the bad and the evil.

Until then, if you’re in search of a new workout regimen, then checkout the above fitness specialists. But remember this, the best way to start and stick with any workout is to do what you enjoy. If lifting weights is not for you, then don’t do it. There are many ways to get fit, just keep trying out different programs until you find the one that you love most. I for one love yoga and I have no intentions of giving it up. The above challenge will only be added to my fitness routine, not replacing the current one.

I hope you found these referrals helpful as a starting point to your fitness journey.

Till Next Time!

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