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Eye Product Took Years Off My Eyes

I’m so excited to share this special blog with you today. As my career takes off and I have to attend different events where photos are taken, I’ve grown more and more aware of my skin. So when I received the Non-Surgical Lifting Syringe Luxury Skin Care by D’OR24K to review, I was more than willing…

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What you Expect, Shall Be

Go with me for a moment. Have you ever uttered the phrase, “I told you so.” Sure you have, we all have. The unfortunate thing about this phrase is that it’s usually attached to a negative outcome. However, let me assure you that saying, ‘I told you so’ does not only apply to certain moments of your …

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How to Feel Fear and Still "Do It" Anyway

Let’s talk for a moment about fear. Do you have fears that are holding you back? Is there something that you should or want to do but you are paralyzed with fear? This weekend I heard the most inspirational lecture by Lisa Nichols about fear .

Nichols, reminds us that fear sometimes is a part o…

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A Writer's Life For Me

​​Hello everyone, I am so excited about today's post. I am participating in something circling around with writers in the social media community. Writer's are tagging each other on social media to answer the questions below, for the community to get to know us a little better. Kristen Martin, a …

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