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As a new writer some of the questions running through your mind might be:

Where and how do I start?

What is the difference between self-publishing/traditional publishing?

How do I write a query letter?

How do I write a blurb?

How do I create book covers?

How do I format my book?

How do I market my book and myself?

How do I pitch to bookstores?

How do I pitch to bloggers?

How do I pitch to other writers?

How do I collaborate with other writers?

What is the best writing software?

Do I need to start a publishing company?

Do I need to incorporate?

Do I need insurance?

How much is publishing my book going to cost?

Are the steps different for fiction and non-fiction publishing?

I need help!


These are just some of the questions that new writers struggle with. If this sounds like you, then you're in the right place. 

When you book with me, I will take you through a step by step consultation so that you can get your book off the ground. Best of all, included in the consultation are motivational tips on how to stay focused, organized and productive so that you can realize your writing goals.

Remember, it’s your consultation, you can ask me anything. Everyone is at different levels in their writing, but no one’s ever done learning or needing inspiration.

30-Minute Skype Consultation $50.00

1 Hour Skype Consultation $100.00

Do you have questions before booking? You can email me at