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September: 3 Things to Try This Month

As many of you know I’m very much into audiobooks, in fact, is my favorite thing in the world. But lately, I’ve discovered something just as wonderful: podcasts.;349;a5f54b19832e754aeb0d27f4e2a13e74577c04e2.jpg

So, as we start the new month I thought I would share with you my top 3 podcasts, as a way to inspire you to try something new, or if you already listen to podcasts, to check my favs out. 


First up is “The Influencer Podcast:”;170;ca731ca4987b3e2e329e8395e16a9b11d4525a7c.jpg

The podcast is hosted by Julie Solomon, New York Times Best-Selling Publicist, Influencer Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur and Influencer. Julie brings you interviews with the most interesting and experienced personas in the influencer world. Her guests provide valuable information pertaining to business and marketing to help listeners grow their audience and business. I highly recommend the podcast as it’s helped me in understanding marketing and my role as an influencer.


Next must-listen-to-podcast is “The Marie Forleo Podcast:";170;878f92f151761fe89583b84696fae0b619c8f9f0.jpg

Marie Forleo is a business and motivational teacher named by Oprah Winfrey as “thought leader for the next generation.” Her podcast is short and to the point, as it’s material that she's already covered on her YouTube channel. However, I like listening to podcasts when I’m driving, so this is a great way to get my business information in as I make my way through rush hour traffic.


And last, but certainly not least is Oprah Winfrey’s “SuperSoul Conversations!”;170;5802d0e0b34f0d0a9f86816e25f3de0f8e2bff87.jpg

Ahhhh, you guys, I cannot say enough about this podcast. It is my favorite by far. If you know the show “SuperSoul Sunday” it’s just an extension of that show. But, if you’re not familiar with it, in a nutshell, the podcast consists of interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts. The interviews are thought provoking which stir the deepest of questions within your soul. I. Love. This. Podcast. Needless to say, it’s my number one recommendation thus far this year.


There you have it guys, three things I invite you to try this month.  In case you didn’t know, I started a YouTube channel and it’s all about writing and inspiration. I provide tips on how to reach your writing goals and motivating life-tips that you can apply to any area of your life—whether you’re a writer or not.


Also, if you’re a writer and love books check out my “For Writers” tab as I’ve added some resources and fun shopping items.

My new book #Believe Dammit:10 Principles For Attracting and Creating the Life You Crave comes out September 26, 2017 and the Kindle version is available for pre-order now!;320;e1fb7e877fbf3e45df67d1588388c6ebbbb81dc1.jpg

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