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Christmas Shopping 2017 at Barnes and Noble

Happy Thanksgiving! This is my favorite holiday by far. I love the gathering of family and friends, the tradition of watching the Macy’s Day Parade, the preparing of the feast AND eating, of course. I hope that your day is filled with love and joy.

Since the holiday season is officially upon us, and you’ll probably be doing some shopping at some point this weekend. I wanted to share with you some gift ideas for the book lover and/or writer in your life. 

As I always do, I went to Barnes & Noble this past weekend and I was so excited to find that they had broken out their holiday merch. So, the following are some of the items I found that would make the perfect gift for your Barnes & Noble lover.

If you're more visual, you can hop on over to my YouTube channel as I vlogged about my visit.

First up is one of my favorite things to do while writing or reading a book: having a pillow, a blanket and comfy socks. These are great items to have during the holiday season as it will make your house seem bright and cheerful, while also providing warmth during the winter months.


Most of us are already starting to think about our goals for next year so getting a calendar/planner for yourself or your loved one is a great early gift, or Christmas gift.

This was such a cute find! They're literary totes with quotes from popular literary works, and I think your book buff will love this.

Next up is calligraphy, who doesn't want to turn back the time and write with a feather? I'm determined to get one of these sets and get my calligraphy on. This would make such a cool gift for any writer who loves writing on paper, and not just digitally.

I happen to be one of those writers that loves to put pen to paper. In fact, the first draft of my novel Falling For You was written on a legal pad. So, it comes as no surprise that I think these composition books would make a perfect gift for the writer in your family.

By far, out of everything I saw, this was my favorite item. These are envelopes dedicated to different people in your life, as you can see below. They had others like, Letters to My Graduate, or to My Bride, or to My Child. As you can see from the picture, these were my favorites, which I plan on using and giving to one special someone!

That's it, I hope I gave you some unique gift ideas for your special someone and that you enjoyed my trip to the best bookstore on the planet. Remember, if you want to see the video of me at Barnes and Noble, hop on over to YouTube and remember to subscribe!


Until Next Time!

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