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Inspiration for When You're Blocked by Fear

I know that we’ve all seen quotes like this:

But the truth is, no matter how many times we read things like this, it’s still super scary to go “for it.” However, I am here to tell you that once you go “for it” and break through that wall of fear that you built, freedom is on the other side.

Last week, I said enough was enough and I took a sledge hammer and destroyed that brick wall of fear. When I first started this personal transformation five years ago, there was one thing I wanted to conquer above all: my fear of public speaking. Baby step by baby step I've been moving toward this goal and I finally saw an opening, a light at the end of the tunnel.

My fear of public speaking went beyond just speaking on stage, it included, writing or posting anything on social media, taking photos, or video, speaking up in meetings, or even asking for a fork at a fast-food joint. My insecurities and fears about being “noticed” had blocked my growth on many levels. When I was in school, and up for an achievement award, I would miss school because I couldn’t walk on stage. When my husband asked me to marry him, I knew a wedding was out of the question because there was no way I could stroll down an isle with all eyes on me!

But last week, I moved one step closer to overcoming this debilitating fear; on Thursday, I posted my very first YouTube video and it felt so good. And now, now that I’ve destroyed that wall, I plan on moving right on through to the other side.

If you have a fear that’s preventing you from living the life of your dreams, I want you to know that I understand.  And, even though this post may not propel you into action today, I hope that it will plant a seed that will grow into the courage you need to move into the life of your dreams.

Until then, I’ll be here, struggling and conquering my own obstacles in hopes to inspire you along your way.

My new book #Believe Dammit:10 Principles For Attracting and Creating the Life You Crave comes out September 26, 2017 and the Kindle version is available for pre-order now!

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