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How Wanting to Feel Better Actually Helps me Feel Better

If you’re anything like me, you have days when you feel on top of the world, and days when, well, you don’t.  That’s okay though. This is normal, a part of life that we must embrace. However, the deciding factor in how long that feeling lasts is in recognizing that you’re actually feeling low—off.

When I’m feeling off it affects me in many ways, but mostly it sucks the energy out of me. It’s nearly impossible for me to get a single thing done. And, with everything that I have going on in my life I can’t afford an “off day”.

So what to do in such cases, especially when it’s not just about getting the job done but actually feeling better. Well, this is when you do anything and everything to remove your attention from what’s bringing you down in the first place. I know, you may be thinking: I don’t know what’s bothering me, I just feel off. Well that’s okay. You don’t have to know exactly what’s bringing you down, you just have to be willing to feel better.

So how do you that, well, find inspiration! For me, this happens to be music.  Music inspires me to write, which ultimately gets me out of my funk. Within no time at all, I manage to go from getting zero done to accomplishing all the goals I’ve set out for that day.

So what’s a thing that you can turn to that can shift your mood?  Once you know that place, return to it every single time you want to feel better. This is one of the keys to living a happy and productive life.  A life where you are always choosing to feel better. A life where feeling badly is not even an option.

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