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How to End the Year with a Bang

It is that time of year again when we start thinking about all that we have accomplished, while also looking ahead to the upcoming year. If you find yourself looking back, thinking, I could have done more, don’t beat yourself up. It’s okay. We’ve all been there. But if my attempt at consoling you is not working and you desperately want to end the year with a bang, then read on. 

I just finished reading Steve Harvey’s new book Jump and it was very inspiring. The book is filled with moments of Harvey jumping without knowing what the outcome would be. Each time he jumped his life was transformed. Now, I should preface that if your state of mind is not in the right place, then your "jumps" may be met with some resistance. It is up to you to focus on the good that comes from every jump so that growth and progress can take shape in your life.

For example, let us say that in the past you applied for a position but you didn’t get the job. You jumped, and depending upon your POV (point of view) that experience either motivated you or discouraged you. This is where the power of thought and perspective comes in to determine the outcome of that jump.

Regardless of why you didn’t get the job, if that experience was met with positivity, chances are that this approach alone will catapult you into the next moment and then another until you eventually reach your goal—in this case the job you want. Conversely, if that same experience was met with negativity then chances are you probably didn’t learn anything from the incident and you continue to make the same mistakes.

So, with this in my mind, if you haven’t already, how about you tweak your thinking about that big thing you want.  Decide now that before the year is over you will JUMP! You will go for it and you won’t look back. Is there something you’ve wanted to do all year but haven’t for fear of rejection? Or fear that it won’t work out? I encourage you to take that big leap NOW, before the year ends. Go for that job again! Book that trip! Move to that city you’ve pinned all over Pinterest! Go for that audition! Do that thing that scares you! Don’t wait another minute to do that thing that excites you and brings you joy.

I for one will take that leap. I will JUMP before the year is over. I hope you will too.

Till Next Time!

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