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5 Important Steps for your Vision Board to Work This Year

Okay, so each year I bring you a little nugget on how to get the year started right, usually this includes creating a vision board. This year is no different. I personally know the power of creating vision boards, especially when they are used correctly. If you don’t know what a vision board is, it is simply a collection of pictures of goals you wish to reach within a certain period of time, say 2017.

Whether this is your first time around the vision board arena or you’ve done it more than once, the following five steps will enhance your vision board practice to ensure ultimate success this year.

Step one: Narrow Down What You Want

Before beginning, think about what you want to accomplish this year. If you like, later you can do a “life goal” vision board. But for now, let us chunk it down to things you would like to accomplish this year. Chunking down our goals to years, months and weeks helps us see more clearly the steps we need to take. For example, let us say you want to travel the world. Well, I think this would be better suited for a “life goal” vision board—unless of course you have the means to travel the entire world in one year. But if not, then start off with things you can actually accomplish in one year, like getting your passport perhaps. Then maybe pick 5 top destinations you would like to see this year. This way, as you start reaching your goals you can start seeing the power of the board. Which will only energize you to accomplish the next thing on your board.

Step two: Identify How You Feel

For me, this is the most vital step. Selecting pictures is an exciting step, but if you’re anything like me, it could be a little time consuming—only because I’m so picky. Nonetheless, I love the process of looking for pictures that match the photo in my mind. However, the reason it takes me a little longer to find the right photos is because I’m not just looking for aesthetically pleasing photos. I’m looking for photos that make me “feel” the way I want to feel when I finally reach that goal. Trust me, this is where the magic occurs. You can’t just think your way to your goals, you must feel your way.

Step three: Find Out Your Why

If you’re having trouble generating a “feeling” it could be because you don’t know your why. For example, say you want a lot of money. Well, the thought of money alone probably won’t generate a high energy feeling for very long. Sure, you could feel the rush of what it would be like to have millions in the bank, but that will fade without a reason behind it. Once that rush of seeing dollars in the bank fades, and you start wishing for it again, there, you will find your why! Do you want millions to help your family? To go on a vacation? To give to a charity that’s close your heart? To buy a house? That’s your why. That’s where your “feeling” will come from. That’s how you create!

Step four: Take Time to Visualize

I believe this is the reason why some people say vision boards don’t work. Most people create the perfect vision board but then as the weeks and months go by, they become frustrated when they’re not manifesting. The reason why this happens is because vision boards aren’t a “one day” occurrence. You can’t spend hours on it, have all your energy and feelings in the right place and then forget about it for the next 364 days of the year. The vision board is there as a reminder, as stimulant. Each time you look at the board it should generate a feeling in you. If it doesn’t than you’ve done something wrong. The feelings should be a combination of excitement, expectancy and gratitude. Now, if this year you want thing to be different, then don’t skip over this step, this is what you must do. Either upon waking or before going to bed (preferably both) take at least ten minutes to look over your vision board. Then VISUALIZE yourself doing/having/giving/getting/ all that you have placed on that board. If at the end you can feel a shift in you, then you’ve done it right.

Step five: Have fun With It

Doing a vision board should be fun, there shouldn’t be any stress associated with it. I recommend setting the right mood. If it’s something you want to do alone, then do that. Set your space up to please you. Play music, or listen to an audiobook, or play your favorite movie. Or, you can do what I like to do, have a vision board party. I like having my family over to create our vision boards. Talking about our goals over snacks and coffee is one of my favorite ways to start off the year.

So there you have it. I have done it both ways. I have done vision boards and done none of the above steps, which resulted in not accomplishing any of my set goals. And I have done it to where I visualized daily and have reached some significant goals in my life; like, flew on a plane for the first time, traveled to desired destinations, achieved health and fitness goals, grew financially and relocated to a new city!

Till Next Time!

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