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5 Gift Ideas for the Spirit Junkie in Your Life

Are you fresh out of gift ideas for your spirit junkie? Does the thought of giving them another yoga mat make you want to hide until it is all over? Well don’t worry. I’ve got five pretty cool gift ideas that will not only make your spirit junkie very happy, but it will make you the hero of this holiday season.

So there are different types of spirit junkies. There are the new age types, the religious types, and the I love the earth type--to name a few. No matter what category your spirit junkie falls under, some variation of these gifts will sure bring a smile to their face.


Box Anyone?

So, the biggest craze year-around are subscription boxes. If you have no idea what I’m referring to here’s a brief summary of what they are. "A subscription box is a recurring, physical delivery of niche-oriented products packaged as an experience and designed to offer additional value on top of the actual retail products contained in a box."

A great place to start is with My Subscription Addiction . They separate the subscriptions by category for easy look-up. You can even search for boxes by price point, there are subscriptions for under $10 a month. So, to find the perfect box for your spirit junkie just go through the list and find one that fits their likes. The best thing about subscription boxes it that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do they get a gift in December, but for the next 11 months! What a bargain.


Regrouping Time

What better way to start the New Year than by participating in a spiritual retreat. Trust me, your loved one will love this gift. There are many destinations designed for such events. And don’t worry if you can’t find one that takes place in January, a retreat is a great gift that can be enjoyed any time of the year. As an added bonus, this is a gift that you both can enjoy. Who doesn’t enjoy a little time away? There are many different types of retreats. Such as, Yoga and wellness retreats, meditation retreats, mindfulness retreats, enlightenment retreats, self-love retreats, religious retreats, you name it! You can visit Retreat Finder as a starting point but don’t stop there. Do your own research to locate the retreat that fits the lifestyle of the person you’re buying for.


Listen and Transform

Ah, probably one of the best gifts ever! Have you ever been to a motivational seminar? If not, you must. Again, this is a perfect gift for both the receiver and the giver. Though these types of events aren’t typically cheap, they are well worth it.  If this is something you would love to give as a gift, the great news is that you've just combined two of my gift ideas into one! Especially if you go with Tony Robbins’ Life and Wealth retreat  . Robbins provides motivational events at beautiful and exotic destinations. So you would be giving the gift of listening to one of the nations most inspiring speakers, all while enjoying a retreat at a relaxing and breath-taking destination.


Life Coach

Okay, so this one is a little more out there but it’s a great one. I have discovered that no matter your status in business or personal life, hiring a life coach can only enhance your life, not hurt it. People like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey and Tony Robbins all have life coaches. And there’s no arguing that they’ve reached a level of success that most people appreciate. You will be happy to learn that a life coach isn’t that expensive, especially compared to the value they will inevitably be bringing to the person’s life. For example, you can hire Shannon Kaiser a bestselling author, international life coach and inspiration speaker for 1, 50 minute session, for $225. The value that this one session could bring your loved one is priceless. Surely there are others, it’s up to you to find the right fit for your sweet junkie.


Basket Time

No, it's not Easter. Hear me out. Chances are that while you’re frustrated in coming up with new and unique gift ideas for your spirit junkie, they are not as picky as you think they are. Meaning, they may not mind getting a new yoga mat or that mug. So why not make them a basket of all their favorite things. For example, for me, a basket filled with my favorite candle, a good book,  a mug with my favorite saying (Believe), and an iTunes cards-- to name just a few things--would make a great gift. Maybe that person would love to get a basket of their favorite things, maybe something they collect—like movies.  Or, have they picked-up a new hobby lately, like painting? A basket filled with all kinds of art materials to get them started would make a great basket.  There are millions of ways to make the basket special and unique, you just have to be creative.

Okay my friends, I hope this was helpful to you. If so, remember to share and to like my Facebook and to follow me on Twitter and Pinterest. Also, leave me a comment letting me know what gift idea you will be giving your spirit junkie.

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