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Simple Living: What It Is and What It's Not

When you first hear the phrase “Simple Living,” you might think it means having to do without. Often, we believe it means we must adapt to a minimalistic lifestyle, that we must live in lack, or that our furniture comes from secondhand stores. But this is not what Simple Living is. While all these can be included in your version of Simple Living, it’s not what it means at its core. Simple Living means living a life of ease which often includes slowing down.

What does Simple Living consist of?

  • Being content with what you have
  • Being in constant awareness of the present
  • Focus on experience vs. things
  • Living with less

Let’s explore this further.

If you decide to embark on Simple Living, does it mean you have to give up your collection of coffee mugs? That you have to move your family of 6 into a tiny house and that you have to sell your big screen TV? No, unless these things make your life complicated. The point of Simple Living is to uncomplicate your life. Not to make things easier, but to live with ease.

For instance, if you have a coffee mug collection and you’re stressed over where to store them, then it might be time to reassess your space to either make room for your collection or get rid of them. Whichever brings more ease into your life is what you should do.

How about your large house? Is it bringing pleasure to you? Or are you living there to keep up with the Joneses?

How about the TV? Is it bringing your family together at night for family time, or are you always thinking you need an even bigger screen?

These are just some of the ways you could be complicating your life.

So, where do you start? Let’s unpack what Simple Living with ease could look like.


Sometimes people are scared of what this means. They often think it means settling for less or not being able to want for anything. This is not what being content with what you have means.

It means that you shouldn’t put all your emphasis on the chase. How many times have you gotten something you really wanted, only to move on to the next thing minutes after getting it? Without missing a beat, you’ve moved on without taking a moment to be with what you have. This step in Simple Living asks you to pause before moving on to the next thing and to take stock of what you already have.


Today is more important than ever that we take time to smell the roses, literally. We’re always heading somewhere or coming from some place. We’re always on the go. And even when we’re sitting on the sofa or in bed “relaxing,” we’re busying our minds with social media. We never give our minds peace by just observing the moment. Instead, we’re always observing the past, looking toward the future, or distracting ourselves.

This step simply requires more downtime with the present. Turn off your phone, the TV, and anything else the rips you away from the now. This is where Simple Living thrives.


How often are you consumed with thoughts of needing or doing more and more? Some people feel like life will fall into place once they have the perfect body, house, car, mate, etc. The chase for these things consumes their every waking thought.

But the truth is all those things are exterior wins that put you at the mercy of their success—making life more complicated and not simple.

What if you were to take your power back by focusing on what you want to experience rather than what you want to get? If you were to hone in on what you want to experience, you would zero in on how you want to feel, and that’s how you step into Simple Living. You will slowly release the addiction for wanting things, and you’ll step into feeling how you want to feel—which you control. The by-product of taking this action is that life will unfold with ease, leaving all complicated thoughts behind.


Living with less is meant to uncomplicate your life. It’s intended to release you from the shackles that come from always needing to have more or the latest trends.

Remember, Simple Living is the connection to your inner peace. It’s supposed to simplify, not make you feel bad about the direction you’re taking your life in. So, if downsizing makes your life more complicated, then maybe that’s not where you need to Live Simply. Perhaps your schedule is what needs attention. Are you overwhelmed by the many to-do’s? Then start making room in your calendar for peace.

Living with less doesn’t always mean material things. Living with less could mean less drama, less worry, less news, less work, less commuting, less commitments, less Yes’.

As you can see, Simple Living probably looks different for each individual. What uncomplicates life for one person might complicate it for another.

If you’re thinking about Simple Living, maybe you can consider the following questions.

Where could I use more ease?

What does Simple Living mean to me?

Am I ready to slow down?

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